Monday, January 10, 2011

Master Bedroom: After

Here it is folks, the Master Bedroom here at the Reslus Arms as it is today.  

Here's the view as you enter the bedroom.  I will say that for these photos the sheets could have been ironed but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  The room has great hardwood floors. It also has lots of light which the rest of the house does not have.  

Here's the poster that I used for inspiration in context with the new room.  I really love this gray coverlet.  I used to have a lovely fluffy duvet that was like sleeping under a cloud, but the Husband runs HOT when he sleeps so we can only have thin layers on the bed now. 

Here's the bedside table that I finally finished painting for my Husband.  It was an interesting piece before but needed to be painted because there was already one too many stained pieces in the room.  Love the knobs from Anthropolgie.  It took a lot of sorting to find 5 knobs that were approximately the same color.

My Granddad made this nightstand for me when I was living in my first apartment.  It's solid cherry that he cut himself.  I had wanted to stain it and I had picked out a lovely pull for it before he gave it to me.  When I went to pick it up he had already finished it made this wooden pull that I can't for the life of me figure out how it attaches.  Of course after all these years I love it even more because he did it all and I probably would hate what I would have chosen for it all those years ago.  It's a wonderful reminder of him.

In this photo you can see the antique mahogany writing table that was one of my first furniture purchases.  I used it as the desk I worked from for a long time but now it happily lives in our bedroom.  You can also see the pelmet that I made using Jenny from Little Green Notebook's great tutorial.  Thanks again Jenny!!

Here's my beloved dress form.  I've had her for many years.  She makes a great holder for jewelry, pins and scarves.  She even holds the headpiece I wore in my wedding.  

Also, here's my wedding bouquet that my Super talented Mom made for me.  She made all the individual flowers out of tissue paper.  They look so amazing in person.  It makes me so happy that I can keep these an a wonderful reminder of that beautiful day.

Hope you liked the tour.  Come back tomorrow and I'll share some of the additional details that I would eventually like to add to the room.

*Okay, I have a general question about Blogger.  when I uploaded these images to Picasa they looked pretty good.  They were sharp and the color looked right too.  Now that I have put them in the blog they don't seem to look as nice.  Did I do something to my pics or did Blogger fail me?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Beautiful friend!!!! I love it!!! it is just perfect and so you!love - Kim

  2. What a great bedroom! Love the nightstands, and the little desk....oh, and you know I love the dress form...what a great color. Everything is gorg.

  3. What a great reveal!! Love your coverlet, your dressform is awesome (love the colour!), your drapes are so pretty and I love the nightstand that your granddad made - that really makes it special :)

  4. looks lovely. the palette is gorgeous.

  5. What a transformation!! I love before and afters!!


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