Monday, August 9, 2010

My Little Pelmet Project

On Friday night I FINALLY finished the DIY pelmet project that I had bought fabric for months ago.  It was super easy and I'm still not sure why I waited so long to take care of it.  I can't thank Jenny from Little Green Notebook enough for this easy tutorial that made the project a snap.   I started with a couple of pieces of foam core:

Then taped the pieces together with duct tape:

the Puppy clearly became bored with the whole affair and found something better to do:

Wrapped it with fabric and batting and stapled everything down smoothly then added nail head trim:

And here it is finally installed in the dormer window in the Master bedroom.  Now I just need to paint the bookcase below and try to take a better picture so that you can see the whole effect.

Thanks again to Jenny's tutorial from last September for making this so easy. 


  1. That looks great! This reminds me I need to get on finding window treatments!

  2. GREAT job!! I love the nail head trim!


  3. This looks awesome! I would be so intimidated doing that.

  4. Julie, once I finally had all the supplies it was really easy. In Jenny's version she actually did a shape but I'm not sure I would have the patience for that. I decided to get my shape with the nailhead trim.


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