Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Reasons I'm Looking for Fall

Okay, so there were several things that all came together in my head last night to create a incredible desire for fall.
1. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL (i.e. not overwhelmingly hot).  It has been in the upper 70s - mid 80s for the last few days.  It has be 90+ for most of the summer.  We've had the windows open and could enjoy sitting on the front porch again.

2. It's August and no matter how old I am I still feel compelled to go buy new school clothes.  I really want to wear sweaters, jackets and scarves again.  I love to layer.  It's not possible to layer when the weather is 95 and muggy.

a new jcrew trench

Frye Boots

3. I got the urge to take up knitting again.  When the weather is warm I seem to have no desire to pick up the needles but I got the urge last night and actually worked a bit on a scarf that I never finished from last year.  This urge also led me to this photo of a lovely cardigan that I think I might feel brave enough to attempt this yearUp until now I've been more of a scarf and hat kind of girl but I think this is the year that I branch out and learn something new. 
 copyright Joseph Feller

4.  Don Draper's study from the 3rd season of Mad Men.   

The husband and I just finished up the 3rd season of Mad Men on DVD last night.  I was suddenly taken by the colors and textures of Don's study.  I love the navy grasscloth walls and crisp white trim with the pine paneling that is so typical of that period of house.  IT MAKES ME EVEN LIKE THE PINE PANELING!  I didn't know that was possible.  Love all the details of this room.   If my own home weren't already so dark I'd be converting the office tomorrow.  

All of this rambling is to say I'm really looking forward to the new season ahead.  Here's to Fall!


  1. Oh Fall better hurry up, summer is pissing me off.

  2. Hey! I am pretty sure Anisa got the headboard at Restoration Hardware. Almost positive. Check it out & write me back if you can't find it :)

    Have a good weekend....ready for fall, too!


  3. I SOOOO have that urge to buy new school clothes! Was thinking about that yesterday :)


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