Sunday, August 22, 2010

Girly Details

 Aerin Lauder's dressing room via Canadian House & Home

Last week Julie from Milk & Honey Home posted about all the feminine details in her beautiful home.   That made me think of how much I love all those things but that I have consistently gone in the opposite direction since I've had a home of my own.  When I was a teenager I subscribed to Victoria Magazine , read the entire series of Anne of Green Gables novels in rotation and wanted to be one of the beautiful ladies in a Frank Benson painting. 

     via Victoria Magazine

As I've gotten older I have mentally put the brakes on anything too girly.  At first there was no rational reason for it other than I was young and didn't want to be perceived as too frilly (I know, what was I thinking??)  Now I'm married and I try not to go too full on girly for my husband's sake.  (For my sake the Husband gave up a lot of icky bachelor furniture.  Thanks sweetie!!)  That doesn't mean our home is devoid of feminine details.  Upon further reflection I found lots of things that are a bit girly and make me very happy.  Here are a few examples:

 My lady fedora hung on the mirrored bird hook (the Husband has one too!) in the living room

 the floral pattern of the sisal rug with the garden stool and my little french chair in the living room

 my amazing handmade paper flower wedding bouquet in a Ball jar and my chicken from Grandmommie on the dresser in our bedroom

I guess I haven't run away from my girly roots as much as I thought!



  1. I love all these things....those hooks are to-die for! My mom & I always read Victoria, too! We loved it. Have a great week, Julie

  2. I've always wanted one of those chickens...and in blue glass is perfect!! A very good friend of mine is an editor @ Victoria so is always fun to hear about what they are working on next. Great source for ideas. They've revamped their online site recently too so much more user friendly!

  3. love how we can surprise even ourselves.

  4. Oh how I remember the chicken from Grandmommie's. She had a lot of interesting pieces like that, which bring back memories ... good memories.

    Also, I was reading one of your posts and I really like your idea of hanging jewelry in the closet on a cork board ... I am going to have to work on that one. I've gotten into big, chunky jewelry lately and they are now scooting around the top drawer of my dresser. A nice place to display and see them is just perfect!


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