Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here!

Even though Spring came to stay a week or so ago, today it really is official! I'm living in that small window of perfection that only comes twice a year to the Richmond area. All the windows are open and we are living on the front porch with warm breezes and sunshine.  Any day now a fog of pollen will descend upon us like a mighty plague with the unbearable heat quick to follow. 

On the edge of spring #picoftheday


Front porch in the warm afternoon sun #picoftheday

Happy Chihuahua finally finding sun

Lots of blooms and buds and happy hot chihuahuas around here.  There are also lots of projects to start and to finish. Hopefully we can get a good start on them before the pollen and the heat get us down.

And now for something completely different.  I can excitedly report that this arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

Look what came in the mail yesterday

Now I need a case. What do you think is the best? A sleeve, an envelope, a folio of some kind? There are lots of different styles with very different functions and I can't decide what would work best for me.  Any suggestions/ recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

While I Was Out

Last week while on a marathon shopping trip for a client I snapped a few pics of things that made me happy.  Now they can make you happy too.

Love these pillows! Spotted at the U-Fab here in Richmond, I think one of those Union Jacks might have to come home with me too.  


Also at the U-Fab, and making me me want to put tacks on something ASAP is the Pack-O-Tacs machine.


I want one of those machines!! And look at some of the lovely choices too.


Next up, a swatch of novelty fabric that caught my eye, not for my project but because it reminded me of my Sweet Husband.


It's Freddie Rocker by P Kaufmann.  But there was one guy in particular that stood out for me. Can you guess which one?


That's right, the Husband's doppelganger, the Bass playing Frog

And finally, while in Williams and Sherrill I saw this pair of green leather corner chairs. 


Loved the color and the tufting. Not sure they'd be the most comfortable to hang out in but (as my Sister says) sometimes you have to suffer for fashion.


Lastly, My sweet puppies have been making me very happy even if I didn't get the baby, Mabel out of the house in time this morning (sorry Husband!)

Porch Sitting Rosie
Big Sister Rosie

Porch Pillow Mabel #picoftheday
Little Sister Mabel

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