Friday, January 7, 2011

Master Bedroom: Before

{Okay, so this post is going to be a bit talky but I'm trying to set everything up for the big reveal on Monday.  Hope you will bear with me.}

I am slowly getting around to photographing the house so I can share my own spaces with you.  My (our) new camera has really given me hope of being able to capture our little house in the woods (i.e. it's dark, people!)  First up is our Master Bedroom.  In the Husband's bachelor days this room was rented to a room mate, then became a guest room.  Leading up to the wedding it became a catch-all storage room.  I'm pointing this out specifically because my sweet Husband is a very tidy guy and likes things put away and in place.  So the following photos come with the disclaimer that though he was a bachelor and he didn't have a designer on staff (yet!) things usually looked presentable.  Okay, now to the photos:

What you can start to see is this room is located on the second floor of a cape cod.  The ceilings are sloped but it has two windows that let in a lot of light (it's the brightest room in the house) and a walk-in closet.  Both of these attributes sold me on moving the master from the first floor to the second.  It actually solved all kinds of problems.  None of the bedrooms in this house have an en-suite bath.  By moving the master upstairs we were able to turn the 2nd floor bath into the de-facto master bath and leave the downstairs bath as more of a public/ guest bath.  The room also has more storage and more light as I mentioned earlier.  It has hardwood floors too, which is much kinder to my allergies than carpet (though the room could use a rug, but more on that later!)  

Here's the view opposite the bed where a desk will go.

The closet is just on the other side of the wall from this dresser.  

It was a nice blank canvas for us to turn into our new bedroom.  On Monday I'll reveal where we are now and what plans I have for the room's future.  I leave you with this as a reminder of where I drew my inspiration for the new bedroom.

Have a great weekend.  I'll see you on Monday for the big reveal.


  1. Hey Aimee,

    Can't wait to see what you've done with the space. I love your inspiration, so I'm sure the space will be beautiful!


  2. I can't wait to see the finished room!
    (What kind of camera do you have? Mine is so bad -- I never like to take pictures of my house!)

  3. I can't wait to see the reveal! I've always loved cape cods :)

  4. Anita, it's a Nikon D5000. I don't really know how to use it yet but I'm really excited to try.

  5. Ooooooh, I can't wait! Your comment about sewing cracked me up. I may be on my way to living out that quote! :)

  6. Aimee the room is amazing. Looks great but I expect nothing less from my one of my more talented friends.


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