Monday, July 12, 2010

Can This Be Made Fabulous?

I finally found (actually the Husband spotted it first!) the perfect bedside table for the Husband.  It needs a little TLC but should be fantastic when we're finished with it.  Of course that means actually getting to work on it!  I'm a horrible procrastinator and am hoping that by posting this I will be "encouraged" to get it done faster!!  I have a selection of Krylon paints on the ready:

though I can't seem to decide which to use.  The Husband likes the green (Celery) but I think it might be too minty when it's all done.  The Almond is nice...and safe.  It's probably what I would feel most comfortable using.  Finally there is the Bahama Sea which is a great fresh blue that would be a great punch of color in the otherwise subdued palette of our bedroom.  Decisions, decisions....

I also stopped by Anthropologie to check out the Rhino (sad to report a misguided crafts project for my purposes) and find some fab hardware.  I came home with these options.  So far my Sweet Husband is not a fan on any of these choices.  Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Hopefully I'll have an update soon!


  1. Oh, I love the dresser just the way it is. If paint, I'd probably go for a stronger green, perhaps citrus. Have you tried Maine Cottage's spray paints? Oh, and I'd definitely use Anthro pulls, perhaps a black and white style?

  2. I love the dresser the way it is too bit there are more than one too many wood pieces in the room already (bed, dresser, other side table, library table, etc) I haven't heard of Maine Cottage's paints before. I'm really looking forward to finding better color options! Thanks!

  3. such a great piece! I dont think you can go wrong


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