Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Inspiration

Met Home November 2007
I've been thinking about moldings lately.  On the LONG list of unfinished projects around the house there are several jobs involving molding.  I have some touch up to do on the crown around the kitchen cabinets.  The Husband wants to do some sort of panel detail below the chair rail in our small eat in kitchen (our only dining room, unless you count the living room sofa!)  I'd also like to panel our existing brick fireplace, fancy up the bookcases flanking the fireplace and add crown to the living room.  (click here for my angst/inspiration about the fireplace)  I could keep going, but while dreaming of those projects I found the above image buried deep in my files.  I love, love this dining room.  The thing that caught my eye today was the fretwork pattern of molding on what is usually the most forgotten "fifth" wall.  I love the spectacular yet subtle visual impact a little molding can make.  Now if I could just cross one of those projects off my to to list.....Have a happy weekend! 

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  1. If you like that ceiling pattern and are looking to do something maybe similar under the dining chair rail, I have a killer applied fretwork pattern (cheap materials, loads of labor) that I think you'd love. Call me!


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