Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspiration for Friday

I have loved this image for years.  It's from an old issue of house beautiful that I have kept and keep returning to from time to time.  I've been contemplating my own fireplace lately.  It's a bit odd, I know, since it's no longer the season for sitting by the fire.  But our fireplace is exposed brick with a high mantle that makes arranging objects, artwork, etc. a bit awkward.  I've placed bookshelves to either side (where would all the books go otherwise!)  It's dark and swallows that side of our small living space.  I could paint the brick, or design a lovely new paneled surround like I've done for many other clients.  It would really balance out the room and help to make it feel more polished and cohesive.  Deep down though I actually like the color of the brick.....and I'm a big chicken.  One day I'll be ready to take that plunge.  Today will not be that day.

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