Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blue Monday

image from House Beautiful

I have always been partial to blue dining rooms.  It's the complete opposite of what color theorists claim to be the right choice to spur the appetite and enliven conversation.  Red is a classic choice of course.  One that can be completely appropriate for a dining room, but for me it has always been blue.  In the photograph above designer Kristen Panitch creates a lovely space, threading touches of blue it all the right places.  From the palest of pale blue on the walls to the perfect shade of the drapes and lamps at the far end of the room, blue makes this dinning room a quiet yet exciting place to be.  I'm completely in love!

I've had blue dining rooms (actually the same blue, Martha Stewart's Pool House Blue) in two previous homes.  It was a blue that always made me think of being dropped into the middle of the Mediterranean.  Sadly, five years ago I didn't know I'd one day write a design blog and need a photographic reminder of some of my favorite spaces.  If you look past the birthday flowers (thanks My Love!) you can glimpse that lovely blue too.
    Hello blue Monday!


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  2. I'm working on the 'nursery' of our house and came across this color site:

    Our dear author has stated, quite decidedly, that blue dining rooms suppress the appetite. What a great diet idea! I vote for blue, from now on...


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