Friday, February 25, 2011

MCP Project: 52 {week 8}

8/52: The View From Here

This week has been flying by as I try to wrap up one project and start another one.  I did want to take a moment though and post this week's photo.  The theme this week is "the view from here".  Sadly I didn't get to gaze upon some lovely far away vista so a little house concert at our friend Jackie's will have to do.  I even got to sing along for a song or two.  As I told Jackie that night, "if I had a voice like your's I'd sing all day, every day."

I promise that next week I will be back to design and focused on some lovely choices for my newest project.

Have a great weekend!

***Update***  My photo was selected as one of 10 featured photos from this week!  I am so honored!


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  1. Aimee can't wait to se what you are up to!!xoxo
    Art by Karena


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