Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Progress: Tile Is In, Let's Finalize Paint

I had a meeting with a client this morning to finalize the paint choice for her new Master Bath.  The tile floor had been installed last week (the shower walls and floor are still to come) and cabinetry will go in next.  I thought you might enjoy a peak at another project in progress. 

Here's another view of the tile close up - the camera isn't quite showing you the true color.  It has lots of shades of purple and gray, with bits of terracotta and brown.

The client really likes color and wanted to bring out the purples.  The cabinetry will be painted black with a black granite top.

She had a specific color in mind but I felt that it was a bit too saturated and needed just a touch of gray.  We decided on Yukon Sky by Benjamin Moore.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everything else installed.


  1. What a fun job you have. I love getting a peek at the progression!
    Thanks for sharing,

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