Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Saw

I was running through Homegoods on Friday looking for something for a client (that I didn't find) but several other things did catch my eye. Beware, these were taken with my ipod so they aren't the best photos you've ever seen.

First up, chairs!  No surprise here.  I love them so much that I can't bring any more home and some that I own have been farmed out to friends and loved ones.  This was a simple arm chair with a tufted back and a silvery gray linen covering.  It would great with either this:

or this one:
The chair also had a great table beside it.

Love the shape of the base.  There were several more chairs that caught my eye too. 

I love the shape of this slipper chair.  I even love the print though I know it's been around for awhile.  It would also look really nice with the table in the previous pic.

Then I came across this armless number in a great print.  The colors were really rich and popped in person.  But wait,

that same great print is available in an arm chair with these lovely turned legs.  This chair has quite a slope in it's back that would make it great for lounging (with an ottoman/pouf).  Everyone needs a place to put there feet up and relax, right?

I also passed by these on my way out the door.

Normally I am only a fan of plain white plates.  But I was struck by the delicate, handpainted look of these.  They are very sweet.  Even the bowls are sweet.  (did I mention that I also have a mad obsession for bowls?)

But the I was reminded of "Put A Bird On It" from Portlandia and I felt so ashamed.  They really are cute though...maybe just the bowls.


  1. Great finds!! Everytime I see people post about Homegoods, I feel so cheated as we don't have any in the area! Love that last chair...looks so cozy.

  2. Where did you go to a Homegoods around here?
    (The "Put a bird on it" is HILARIOUS!!)


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