Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deep in the Fabric Hoard

It was like being in an episode of Hoarders but with fabric!! 

My Mom has wanted to take me back into the Remnant Shop (in Galax, Virginia) for awhile now.  She kept saying "you won't believe the piles of fabric they have! You can't even get to 75% of it!"  Finally, during our Thanksgiving visit we were finally able to make it happen.  It didn't disappoint.

It was just like I remembered from my childhood except even more.  The little old man was still sitting in the same seat behind the counter.  The chatty wife was still grumbling and complaining around the stacks of fabric.  What I remember most about being in there as a little kid was that the owners HATED little kids.  My sister and I spent a fair amount of our childhood in fabric shops.  This was never one of our favorites.  But look at the possibilities now!

There was a bit of a path through the shop which made things still passable.  It was hard to see what was in the stacks beyond the first few layers though.

They also had a large collection of quilting/ cotton prints that were stacked everywhere too.

Though we didn't find fabric for Mom's new kitchen we did find some interesting stuff. If you are willing to dig there where some treasures to be found, and usually for a really great price too. I won't say that every bolt is a treasure but if you have patience I'm sure you can come out of there with something.

There was a crazy collection of pleather/vinyls.  Not usually my thing, but I have to say I really love this ostrich and crocodile patterns.  Wish I had something to cover.

They had a large selection of old school floral prints.  I also loved the green buffalo check and the navy polka-dot.  There was also a chicken toile that I forgot to photograph that was wonderful. Just imagine, Chicken Toile!

I also really loved this one.  It has a great graphic pattern and an beautiful woven texture.  I couldn't think of an immediate use so I left it all behind.  Now that I'm home though, the wheels are turning.... 
Do you know of any great fabric hoards?  Please share!

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  1. oh my gosh! that is like hoarders! I would love to spend an afternoon rummaging in there :)


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