Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sit Right Down Write Myself a Letter

Not only did I spend the weekend joining the 21st century (see the sidebar for links to facebook, twitter, etc) I also finished the last boxes from my Parents' move.  The last box was mostly letters written to me from friends and family during my high school and college years.  What I loved best about those letters were that they were mostly just snapshots of what was happening in my loved ones lives at the moment (my Mom having a cold, my Granddad's cows ready for calving, a girl friend's boy troubles, etc.)   I used to love getting letters!  I was never a great writer but I loved collecting and using great stationary and all that came with it.  (I had sealing wax and my own seal!)

I decided to do a little virtual shopping via Etsy to see if anything caught my eye today, in case I wanted to put a stamp on it and send a letter the old fashioned way.  Here are a few things I found: 

Animals seem to grab my attention,

I LOVE letterpress too!  How could you not, really.

And for those of you who get weak in the knees for anything with a chevron pattern, check this out

And if you are looking for something more personalized what about these

And because I can't find my sealing wax and stamp, this pic is a good stand in (if you think I was pretending to be in 1811 instead of 2011 you would be right)

If anyone wants to write me an old fashioned letter I'd be happy to receive it.  I could send one too, I need an excuse to buy some more paper!

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  1. I love all of these!
    I think it would be awesome to use a red wax seal on Christmas cards. Maybe I'll try to find some!


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