Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And So It Begins

My parents bought a new house.  This is a huge change for them.  They moved into their old house the year before I was born. Now they are packing it all up and moving to town (with the exception of several boxes of my childhood junk that they sent packing with me over the weekend!) They have been working slavishly hard for several weeks now to make the new house their own.  I went for a visit and to lend a hand over the weekend.

The new house originally had LOTS of wallpaper.  I mean lots, as in two different patterns plus a border in several rooms. But even more heartbreaking, the walls were not properly prepped so the paper was only coming off in tiny little pieces (insert Mom's tears of frustration here).  My Mom and my Aunt have worked for over a week to get all of those little pieces stripped away plus washing the walls several times, patching, standing and priming before the real transformation can happen. Let's all take a look at their hard work.

Behold the Master Bath Before:




Notice the three patterns and a border in that last shot!  Now here it is with all of that stripped away but before Dad and I started priming.



Even it's raw state it feel 100 times better in the room.  Moving forward there are a few things that are still going to have to be worked around.  Did you notice the pink tub, pink vanity counter, pink shower and all the gold fixtures??? Yep, they are all staying for now.  When I shot the before pics a few months ago I didn't even notice all the pink fixtures because of everything else going on in the room.  I had envisioned watery blue walls and clean white fixtures.  Clearly we are going in a different direction now.  I'll keep you posted. 
Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the kitchen progress. 

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