Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Here's a few pretties from shopping with my iphone over the last few weeks.  First I spotted this bench for a client's bathroom in Homegoods

and this mirror to go over my mantle which I didn't buy (it was only $25) and now I'm kicking myself a little

Then I saw this Carlisle chair in Pottery Barn.  I'm thinking about the sofa version of this chair and I love the red pinstripe of this one.  It's super fresh, though I'm not sure I'm that fresh.

And finally I stopped in my friendly neighborhood Shades of Light with some clients.

There was lots of lovely things to catch your eye.  Besides lighting, this fun little chair grabbed my attention (when does a chair NOT grab my attention!) and I loved all the mirrored pieces surrounding it too. That Suzani  print in shades of blue is super-fantastic.

And I drooled a bit over all the lovely rugs on display.  Who doesn't love a good carpet!

Happy Friday Everyone.  Have a great Fall weekend. 

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  1. Thanks for the eye-candy! Those rugs are awesome and that Carlisle chair is really cute. I almost bought the white sofa version but opted for one from Laura Ashley instead - by far the most comfy couch I've ever sat in! :)


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