Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Just hum a little Boyz II Men while you follow along...Now that my Parents are moving I've had to take possession of a trunks worth of my childhood.    It's all memorabilia of from my early life.  The stuff that the Parents lovingly saved (report cards, kindergarten papers, awards, etc) but not something that I need to or should hang onto for the shrine of Me.  Basically I was happy to know that it all existed but I don't want it at my house!  Last night I made it through the first of several boxes.  Almost all of it will go to recycling but there are a few things that made me laugh/cry and I thought I'd share.

Here I've signed my name to the top of a paper brought home from Kindergarten.


I'm left handed and when I first started writing I wrote from right to left, completely mirrored.  In fact I can still write like that today without a lot of thought. 

Here I am practicing writing my name.  Apparently I also liked to practice writing my sister's name (Alison) as well.  I have her name written all over lots of my papers.


I found my Cabbage Patch dolls' birth certificates.  I had erased their given names and had given them my own.  (Cleveland Yves became Chad Ryan because it was 1985. I feel like it's 1985 just reading that again.  And Callie Calli became Kelly Calli for awhile) But at some point I decided to go back to their original names and had rewritten them back in pencil, including a heart over the i.


The dress I wore while performing 'Tomorrow' from 'Annie' in the school talent show from 4th grade was wadded up in the bottom of the box next to my ribbon for first place.  My Mama made that dress for me.  I loved it.  It's a shame I can't even come close to wearing it now.  I'd still rock it if I could in some way.


Apparently I've been drawing floorplans for my entire life.  I think I was around 12 years old in this one.


 Clearly this was long before I learned anything about scale and proportion.  But I had a vision then and I could see every detail in my head.

But my favorite thing by far in the box was this handmade Christmas card from my sister, sometime during our elementary school days.


I think this sums it up for both of us even now.  She's still my best bud(d)y even though we're sisters and I love her very much. 


  1. I LOVE this. All of it. Even the Boyz II Men song (which I think the show choir sang at my graduation, ha). I know there are many similar items of mine boxed up at my folks' place too. Memories!!!

  2. I know in a way it must be a pain to figure out what to do with all of this stuff...but it is pretty great that you can look through it all. I know when my parents divorced they kind of emptied the house of everything and went their separate ways...I would love to have some keepsakes to show my kids.
    I am left handed too...but I never did the right to left trick.
    The Annie costume is to cute!!! xo Ashlyn


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