Thursday, October 27, 2011

The always sweet and thoughtful Ashlyn from Pinecone has passed along the versatile blogger award to me - thank you so very much Ashlyn!

To accept this award you must thank the person who awarded it to you and include a link to their blog. Then choose 15 fellow bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly to pass the award along to and share 7 things about yourself.

Now for my 7 things:
  1. I LOVE organization but I am not an organized person by nature.  I guess it's more of an appreciation rather than an ability.
  2. I'm very left handed and was told that I would always have bad handwriting.  I worked hard to have really lovely penmanship and I do!
  3. Though I'm not supposed to eat it, I'm completely addicted to sugar. 
  4. For a brief period between senior year of high school and sophomore year of college I was planning to be a physical therapist though my heart was always with interior design. 
  5. In my household our two cars are currently station wagons.  We don't have children, we have upright basses and I don't like giving up the front seat to a bass.
  6. I am NOT a morning person.
  7. I'm not very good at making lists about myself.  This was hard!
And here is my list of blogs that I am awarding The Versatile Blogger, that I enjoy reading  and I look forward to seeing what they will say or do next.

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  1. Apart from the left-handedness, I think we're clones! xo


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