Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Changes

I made a little update to our master bedroom over the weekend.  I needed a new coverlet/duvet/comforter for the bed because our beloved puppy had chewed a few holes in the old one, ugh.  We had been getting by with another (pale aqua) coverlet for the summer that I already had in storage.  It served it's purpose but it was a bit bright for the muted tones of the rest of the room.  This past weekend I found the perfect replacement (at least for the winter.)  I've been waiting for a bright and sunny day to photograph it in my generally already dark house but it has been grey and gloomy all week.  I gave up on the sun and decided to snap a quick peak anyway and this is what I found.


The Sweet Puppy can't manage to get herself out of the bed before noon (or sometimes 1:00, or 2:00!)  If you can look past the puppy you will see a great replacement for our bedcovering. 


It's from the Thomas O'Brien Modern Charcoal collection at Target.  It has a beautiful woven texture that adds a great subtle layer of detail to the bedroom.  It has a manly quality to it that I love too.  I like a mix of girly and masculine in my rooms and this looks and feels a bit like a well worn suit.  It's also super soft and warm to sleep under (I LOVE heavy blankets and a cool room).  It was a great deal (meaning that it was clearanced) and will get us through the upcoming cooler weather very nicely.  It will be too warm when spring roles around again so it will be back to the drawing board for me. 

Until then, I look forward to snuggling under the covers just like this.


Neither Target nor Thomas O'Brien asked for this endorsement.  I bought it, I liked it and I thought I'd share it.


  1. Think it's time for a doggie duvet:)

  2. I like it. Did you get new sheet also.

  3. Yes Sharon! Let's just say it's a project on my to-do list!

    Thanks Mom! No but I'm still looking for new sheets too.


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