Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Week's Chair Love plus One

As I have stated may times before I have a chair problem.  I have now reached a point where I don't really have room for more but that doesn't stop me from looking.  Let's see what I found on Friday. (beware, iphone photos aren't the best)

I LOVE this little cane chair!!  In the photo even the upholstery is pretty fab, not so much in person.  I love those colors though so I would want to find something with a similar feel.  I so want to bring it home with me but I'm trying to be strong.  Though I could make a home for it in the new office....gah!  I need a chair intervention.  For this I may have to fall off the wagon.  What do you think?

Then I found this wing chair.

It's actually a pair!

These could really be made fabulous.  They are what happens if a wing chair and a bergere chair had babies. I could see the pair in this:

I also found this lovely chest with beautiful veneer work but in need of some love.  

It's not in the best shape by any means but it sure is pretty.  Makes me wish that our guest room was big enough for more than just a bed!  Something else for me to think about. 


  1. I love those wing chairs...they are so retro cool!!


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