Thursday, March 31, 2011

MCP Project: 52 {week 13}

13/52: Just for Fun

This week's theme is Just For Fun.  It has been rainy and cool/cold for a week now and it hasn't felt particularly fun (where did the Spring go??)  Two things happened though.  First I downloaded the Instagram app for my ipod.  It was free and it is SO fun.  Second, My Sweet Husband built a beautiful fire last night that we all (especially the Puppy) enjoyed.  We had the best time watching her lay by the fire turning to warm her various parts.  I know, we lead very exciting lives here at the Reslus Arms.  It's what makes us happy though.

My ipod doesn't have the best camera on it but what I love about Instagram is that I can even edit photos that I've taken with my good camera (see above).  Here's another instagram shot taken directly from my ipod.

My Little Rosebud

It's still cool in it's own way but nowhere near as sharp as the first image.  Here's another shot (my very first Instagram) that I took with my ipod.  This is the view just to the left of where Rosie was laying in the first pic. 


See I don't just photograph my dog.  I also take pictures of chairs too! 

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  1. I love how cozy and glow-y the first picture is! I love your pictures of dogs or chairs...doesn't matter :)


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