Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Designer's Dilemma

Okay, so you know how designers can make decisions all day long when working with clients and are completely confident in those decisions but when it comes to our own homes we can be unsure, wishy-washy, and indecisive about making the right choice???  Well, that's where my head is right now, sort of.

We are still knee deep in the big re-arrange half the rooms in the house project and I've started to turn my focus to the new guest room.  It's a tiny little room but it could be a real jewel-box.  I've started collecting my thoughts (pinning away) trying to find some inspiration.

Way back in April, before we decided to move everything around I had been playing with the idea of working on the existing guest room. Here's a reminder of what I had been thinking about:

Navy and white is a classic combination.  I still like where this is going but I feel like it needs a little something to keep it from being so serious.  Also, did I mention that the room is tiny?  There will only be room for the bed and bedside tables.  I definitely want an upholstered bed, maybe with wings....maybe even DIY???  That sounds like I might need to bring in the big guns.  I'm going to need to call in my Mama.  She can do anything. What do you think Mama?  Can we do it?

I do know that I want it to be shades of blue (and a little teal) with green and maybe a little orange thrown in.  Here are a few things that have been inspiring me lately.

This picture from Lonny has inspired me tremendously.  Love the neutral wall with that tealish blue bed.  I also love the panel detail of the wall, which I had thought about for the guest room in it's old location (now the music room.)  

 Here's another room from Lonny that makes me excited in 10 different ways.  It's traditional with a twist which is how I would define my personal style.  Love the overall neutral-ness of the room with pops of color.  Also, those large format photographs and stacks of books rock!

These colors together are so beautiful together.

Maybe what this room needs is a Teester!  Too much??

Though not a bedroom, these are the colors I want (well, at least today)

I guess I need to go fabric shopping to really kick this project into gear.  It's time to make a commitment.



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