Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Inspiration: Parent Addition

This one's for my Mama. They just bought a new house and are moving for the first time in almost 40 years.  There will be lots of new house brainstorming and planning in the next few months. I know I'm excited. You can follow along with the conversation as we figure out how to make this new house their home. 

Hey Mama, I've been completely consumed with ideas for the new house. I know that you mentioned that Dad liked the dark green guest bedroom and that you would keep that.  Well, I have been completely inspired to make that inky blue guest room work as well!!  One less thing to do on the project list!  Here are some images to get yourself excited too.

Once the country border is gone, and all the dolls and lace have been put away I think we can make this room very cozy and a little masculine for a change of pace.  Remember it's not replicating the picture but more about the feeling of the room.  I love the combination of the warm wood with those deep walls. I was thinking we can use your old bed and put the white iron bed in storage for a bit.  The wood will be beautiful with that dark color.

Or maybe like this (without the lanterns but with the wall full of photos and art) 

Source: via Aimee on Pinterest

It's the touches of orange that makes it for me in those previous images.  Love it!  If you were thinking something a little softer and more feminine, we could go that direction too.  Here's another one with a luscious orange upholstered bed.

Or we could use my new favorite color combination of navy and aqua.  My white iron bed would be beautiful with this kind of look.

Did you notice that all of these images had a nice mix of lighter neutrals to keep it from feeling to dark and heavy like you've fallen into a black hole?

Of course, if you want to be dramatic (though I've never known you to be dramatic!) we could do something like this.

Love that pop of pink on the ceiling of the canopy!

So what do you think?  Think we can make the dark green and the dark blue work?  That would mean two fewer rooms that have to be painted.  

Have a happy weekend everyone! 

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