Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Wall Inspiration

I had promised my client I would send her some art wall inspiration for her new library.  She has blown up some jacket covers of some of her favorite authors (Dorothy Parker being her favorite) and now it's time to have them framed.  There has been a lot to talk about what kind of frames should be used.  Should they match, should they not match but go together, should they be a big ol' hodgepodge of anything goes.  Knowing my client I doubt that it will be a hodgepodge but I thought I'd show her some options and some of my comments about how they could work for her.  I also want to give a quick shout-out to Ally at From the Right Bank who always has a great collection of art wall inspiration.  I borrowed liberally from her so that I could show my client something quickly.  Thanks Ally!

world of interiors via from the right bank
Here's a good example of subtle matting and framing.  They aren't all exactly alike but they blend together as one overall piece.

 canadian house and home
Here are different types of larger scale art, framed differently on a darker wall. - on a side note this room makes me really happy!

the functional space
This is my kitchen.  It's a mix of mostly white frames, a few silver frames, and a mix of mats.  Theses are all black and white family photos but the same idea could apply to art with color as well.    

 This was actually the inspiration for my art wall.  I especially love the oval frames mixed in too.  I haven't gotten my oval frame hung yet.  I still need to paint it white! 

 A mix of art and frames but all within the same color palette.  

house and home via from the right bank

 my home ideas via from the right bank
A series of black and white photos without frames, this could be an idea for grouping of some of the ephemera you have in the family room.

ny social diary via from the right bank
I really love this grouping on the dark wall.  Again, there is also a mix of frames and types of art used.

 via from the right bank
These last couple are showing brighter, more colorful art with a mix of frames.

Still a mix of frames...

and if you frame things more consistently - in this case all in white.

Now it's time to decide how we are going to about getting everything framed.  Happy Friday everyone!

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