Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Procrastination Prevention: a reveal and the next thing on my list

As an update to my previous post about my (unfinished) gallery wall I wanted to redeem myself to say that I did it!!  I finally framed and hung those last few pieces.

Woo Hoo!!

Since shame and public humiliation seems to be the thing that works for me I'm going to move on to the next thing on the list - my office. The Husband and I actually share an office.  It's a small space but seems to be working in that we each have our own area to work and our stuff is there.  It's not pretty.  It's kind of a wreck actually.  When we got married almost two years ago I moved into the Husband's house full of stuff with my own house full of stuff.  It was a lot of stuff for a not so big house.  We both purged A LOT of things and we were still left with piles-o-things.  The way we handled it was to make every other room in the house livable but pile everything "extra" into either the office or the guest room.  For a long while you couldn't even see the floor in here.  It's taken a long time but you can now see (most? some?) of the floor.

What I want to focus on today though is the wall over my desk.  It's screaming out for some shelves.  Shelves would be so nice and go a long way to help us both manage our clutter and the piles-o-stuff that seem to be always sitting around.

my side of the desk

 the Husband's side of the desk

That's my dream anyway.  It's been the plan to install those shelves since almost the day I officially moved in.  I had the work counters installed almost immediately when we got married.  The shelves were to be installed next.  I could never make up my mind though about what kind of support brackets to use.  I could never manage to get to the lumbar yard to buy the shelving material.  Blah, blah, two years.  Two Years, people!!  Now that I have put my secret shame out there I hope that this all will quickly resolve itself.  Shame me at will.  I need the motivation.

Anyone else hungry for a banana?


  1. When you're done with your place, you can come to mine!!! :)

  2. I think this is an amazing blog. I have always found your musings to be entertaining anyway. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.
    Tammy U

  3. So did the shelves ever appear on the office walls?

  4. Ha! No but we are in the middle of a much bigger and better solution.
    I knew I was holding off for a good reason!


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