Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Inspiration

I came across this 900sq foot addition to a Vermont cottage in Better Homes & Gardens earlier this week and completely fell in love with the architecture of the space.

It's a beautiful addition to the old stone structure.  I also really love the volume of space on the interior.

There's a great little loft space.  I also love all the white, the wood planking on the ceiling and walls, and (of course!) all the natural light in the space.  That's a pretty rockin' light fixture too.  Just beyond those doors on either side of the fireplace is a great office.

I could definitely move in there.  But my favorite design detail throughout the space is the repeat of the arc.  It's in the barrel vault and half round window at one end.  It's used on the balcony of the ledge and repeated on the fireplace hearth below.  Very graceful.

I think I could make this an AMAZING music room and office space as an addtion to my house.  How about you?

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Hope you have a great costume to wear for Halloween.


  1. what a gorgeous space. love all the white.

  2. Love this home. I agree with Paula--you know I love anything with white!


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