Saturday, November 13, 2010


So I didn't mean to take a little blog hiatus, but here I am over a week later and ready to get back to business.  First I have to give a big thanks to John & Sherry of Young House Love for hooking me up with tickets to the R Home for the Holidays Event on Thursday night.

I tried to play it cool and not be too geeky blog stalkerish when I ran into them during the festivities.  I didn't even tell them that they were one of my first introductions to the world of design blogs almost 3 years ago (yes, I know I was a little slow to catch onto the phenomenon).  I was googling wedding venues in the Richmond area and their blog popped up in my search.    More importantly the Husband and I are huge fans of Burger (their chihuahua!) because we now know the love that one little dog can bring to a family.  Anyway, I managed to keep it all inside and not harrass them while they enjoyed their own evening out.

 obligatory cute puppy picture

My Sweet Husband I and I had a great time and we both really enjoyed hearing Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, co-founder of Apartment Therapy, speak.  Okay, I have to back up for a minute and say that we had a little wine (a rare treat!) and a little food before the talk began.  One of the things being served was a turkey and cheese sandwich on a KRISPY KREME DONUT!  I can't believe I'm saying this but it was really tasty.  Okay, back to the designery stuff.  Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan gave a great talk about design, his history and that of Apartment Therapy and where it's all going.  It was very inspiring and made me want to focus my efforts back into my work even more after feeling not so inspired for the last week or so. 

After the talk we had to run out of there so the Husband could get to his regular Thursday night gig at Bogart's.  I actually stayed for a little bit of the show.  Here's a little taste of what you missed (the Husband's  the oh-so-handsome bass player!)

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams from Aimee Richardson Sulser on Vimeo.

Have a great weekend! 

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