Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Office Inspiration

As I've mentioned before, I need new shelves on the wall over my desk in the office.  We haven't gotten to it on the to do list let.  (to his credit the Husband has been working extremely hard on the yard for the last several weeks) My hope is that we will have them by the end of the year.  Maybe.

While we continue to work on that I will continue to dream about what it could be.  One of my favorite pictures is of this one I've had tacked to my inpiration board for ages.

It is from an old issue of Martha Stewart Living from YEARS ago.  (notice the dinosaur of a laptop on the desk - it's listed as a IBM ThinkPad 755 CD laptop computer)  Though I don't think those awesome cubbies are in my near future I love how each square gives the opportunity for storage as well as creating some artful vignettes.  I love the chair and its fabric, the minimal color, and the rustic table as desk too.  Try to ignore the whack-a-doodle placement of the file cabinet trapped behind the table leg though.  Also from a styling perspective I find it interesting that they didn't edit out the wall plug and outlet in the lower right corner.  It's something you never see in magazines anymore yet it's something we live with everyday and really can't live without.  It always makes me happy we things look a little more real, more human, more lived in.



  1. I love those cubbies and they look like they would be fairly simple for a diy project...just have to remember to measure twice and cut once...and in my case measure two more times and cut once again.

  2. That is precisely why we won't be doing cubbies too!


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