Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fast Changes for Thanksgiving

My sweet, talented, hardworking, amazing Sister wanted to update her dining room.  We are having a family meal at her house in Charlottesville on Saturday so she's been inspired to work fast and bust out a few projects before the big day.  (I am NEVER that fast with anything and am always in awe of her!!)  Her family moved into this house three years ago and this was one of the first rooms to get a mini-makeover (paint, new drapes, etc).  But after living in the house for awhile my Sister has a better understanding of how she wants the whole house to feel and is going back to make some changes.

First on the list is to change out the dining room ceiling fan for something more fab.

This is an obvious choice because who wants a ceiling fan over their dining table (except maybe my husband!)  Sister also had a swatch of fabric that she LOVED but couldn't bring herself to pay that much for all the yardage needed for new curtains.  Then she decided to cover a drum shade in the new fabric to make the new light fixture and TA-DA!

Love the new shade.  Can't wait to see it and all my family on Saturday.  Happy Thanksgiving!!


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