Friday, September 17, 2010

Tudor in the Afternoon

 view from the back garden

Yesterday I got to attend a lecture on classical design and moldings at the Virginia Center for Architecture here in Richmond.  The lecture was interesting but even more exciting I got to set foot into one of my favorite houses on Monument Avenue. 

The Tudor Revival house was originally designed and built by the architect John Russell Pope in 1919 for the Branch family.  It's design was inspired by Compton Wynyates, a 15th/16th century English manor.  It is now maintained by the Virginia Center for Architecture as a museum and their corporate space.

  the front door

The very first time I came to Richmond on vacation with my parents many years ago my friend Nick picked me up from the hotel late that night and drove me  around town showing me the highlights.  Of all the gorgeous homes on historic Monument Avenue this is the one that I remember from that night.  It was so much fun to finally take a peak inside.  Sadly, I didn't take any pics inside while we were on the tour but I hope to get back there soon so you can take a peak too.  

   entrance detail

another view of the rear

a view of the front

In general I've always loved Tudor architecture.  Richmond actually has a couple of really great examples; one being an actual 15th century Tudor home that was dismantled, shipped to the US and reassembled here in town in the early 1900s (Agecroft Hall - another one of my favorite houses)  I need to be a better tourist in my own town.  Maybe we can go to Agecroft another day (also seeing Shakespeare in the courtyard of a house built during Shakespeare's lifetime is AMAZING)

Happy Friday!

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