Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Something Pretty

I've been putting off my next post because there is so many more things that need to go on the To-Do list that I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and exhausted and I haven't even started!!  Let's all pause for a moment and look at something pretty.

This is such a warm and cozy room.  I love some many things about it, but let's talk about that spectacular wall of art. I have the beginnings of another art wall in the hallway just off the kitchen that is a crazy mix of styles and color.  I still need more stuff to fill it out but as with most things in my house it's a work in progress.  The image above is such a wonderful inspiration because it shows how disparate pieces can really work together. But it also reminds me of how important the magic of finding just the right pieces that will actually work together is.  I might even be inspired to hang another frame or two.  
What's inspiring you lately?  I seem to have lost my mojo and wouldn't mind a creative shove in the right direction.


  1. That is a gorgeous gallery wall. I'm working on one too and am still gathering pieces for it. It's the one thing I debate - just start hanging the pieces I do have, or wait and sort out the entire display at once?

  2. I just hang mine randomly as I go much as I want to have this awesome wall filled with amazing things, I don't have it all yet. I don't want just filler, you know? I have to remind myself that life isn't like the magazines. :-)


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