Monday, May 16, 2011

Which stone?

The Husband and I have several projects in the works for our overall Outdoor Improvement Plan.  One of the projects is to add stone mulch to the back of the house.  There isn't a lot going on in our back yard currently.  We spend almost all of our outdoor time sitting on our front porch, which we love.  In the back though there's an odd mix of mulch and grass/weeds, especially around the HVAC units.  We hope to tidy it up a bit with some stone.  I ran into the stone yard one day last week and picked up the samples pictured.  We laid them out to see how each of them looked with the house (brick foundation and siding) and the surroundings (lots of trees.) 

I know which ones I like and which one works best for our situation.  Which one do you like?


  1. I like the first little pile on the left -- the lighter color and larger stones.

  2. I think I would like a combo of the left & middle.

  3. Hey, Amy! We have the same thing around our HVAC units. I would DEFINITELY recommend one of the larger stones because they are less likely to shift due to rainwater/runoff. We have pea gravel (the smaller size) around the rest of the house and there are SO MANY weeds! We're going to upgrade to a larger pebble all around one day.


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