Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mama


Happy Mother's Day to my sweet Mama.  I haven't seen her since Christmas and I miss her so very much.  I am happy to say that will all be together again on Friday when my little sister graduates from nursing school.  My little sister is the baby in the picture which makes me the one with all the curls.

The above picture was taken in November 1976 by my Aunt Janie in my Grandmommie's kitchen at the farm in Rugby, VA.  To be more precise we were on the Davenport which I always thought that was what the room was called but found out during design school that davenport is another word for sofa.

I would also like to add that I have the best Mom I could possibly imagine and that I am a very lucky girl indeed.

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  1. My grandparents had a davenport. :) Hope you have fun with your Mom! Mine was just here, visiting from MN for a long weekend. Check out my FB profile pic, also from 1976. Looks like I might be the same age as your sis? ;)


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