Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Welcome to December!  The tree is up, the mantle is almost finished, and I'm waiting for the Christmas cards to be delivered so that they can be sent out.  Our tree is a pre-lit faker but I like it.  It's easy to set up, I love the twinkly lights and my allergies don't seem to bother me quite as bad.  Though I love themed trees I could never scrap my favorite homemade ornaments.  My mom usually makes a new ornament every year so when I left the nest I had a collection already.  When the Husband and I combined houses we combined Christmas stuff too.  The tree topper this year is from his childhood.

So when do you start decorating for the holidays?


  1. Amy, I am going to have to send you pics of our trees...yes, we have multiple!!! Hope you like them. Yours is beautiful and makes me think of a lifetime of Christmases with all the memories and happy feelings that go along with being a child waiting for Santa to come down the chimney!

  2. looks beautiful. So happy to hear people actual use the ornaments their parents save for them. I really do hope mine treasure them.

  3. Beautiful tree...I feel like I just visited you!
    Love, MWS

  4. I haven't started yet....
    Maybe tomorrow! ;)

  5. I was hoping you would just come to my place and decorate for me! ;) Will probably unfurl the decorations tomorrow, while jamming to my new CD, James Brown's "Funky Christmas" - an early gift from Robb. :)

  6. Hoping to get to it this week before friends come in town this weekend. Got the Christmas music out so that was a start! Tree looks great!


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