Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Things Pt 1

Our tree doesn't have a specific color scheme or theme but I love all the ornaments that we have collected.  Today I want to talk about my favorite home made ornaments.  My mom usually makes a Christmas ornament every year.  I now have quite a collection of beautiful handmade things that I love.  It makes me so happy every year to get them out of their box and put them on the tree.  I actually store them in a special box in my office instead of the attic with all the other decorations because I don't want them to melt or freeze in the attic with everthing else.

This dough wreath is one of my oldest handmade ornaments.  My Mom made a lot of these when we were babies and gave me one when I left the nest.  It's a dough wreath the a gingham bow and pine cones.  It's also a little sticky from years spent in my parents attic.  But it still makes me happy to see it every year. 

This little skater came from either my Mom or my Aunt Elsie.  They made lots of skating and sledding boys and girls.  My sister and I used to love to play with them but would get in trouble when we took them off the tree.

My Mom made this mouse in a stocking with my name on it and made one for my sister too.  It was always so exciting as a little kid to put something on the tree with my name on it.  He was also fun to play with.

Speaking of names I LOVE this one made by my Sweet Husband when he was in kindergarten.  I always laugh and think of it as Brian's (as in he's laying claim to that heart) but it's actually Brian S (there was another Brian in his class so he was always Brian S for Sulser)

I really loved these ornaments as a kid.  It is an egg shell with the yolk blown out and carefully filled with wax and covered with velvet.  It's then staged with a little diorama  of a chosen Christmas scene.  The one that I have has these sweet little dears in them.

My Mom was on an angel kick for a few years.  the top one is made of tulle and is really easy to make.  So easy that I made a few for gifts several years ago.  The bottom one is made of a shell that Mom collected on the beach in Edisto SC.  She saw something similar in a gift shop there and thought she'd make a few herself.  She's very crafty and quite handy too.  Too bad I didn't inherit more of that!

These last two santas my Mom painted a few years ago.  The top one is painted on a shell and the bottom one she painted on a tongue depressor!  (she's a nurse and she finds inspiration everywhere!) 

Tomorrow I'll show you some of my not so hand-made favorites.  What are some of your favorite ornaments?

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  1. Aimee:
    I love it. The Hearns also have a crazy, mismatched collection of ornaments on our tree. Lovingly crafted by one of our children in kindergarten (there was a question this year as-to "where is my construction paper Christmas snake?" "Oh darling, that just fell apart last year"), a memento from a trip or a gift from a loved one. Each one has a story behind it, some special meaning or marks an event in our lives.

    "Designer Trees", to me, are so sad!


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