Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New {temporary} Addition

Last Friday our tiny 4 lb chihuahua discovered, on two separate occasions, a baby squirrel. The Husband, who is generally at war with the squirrels, saved them from utter chihuahua destruction. And when faced with the overwhelming cuteness of this....


decided to save them outright. Now we (really he) are parenting squirrels. After some research the Husband got them hydrated and warm so that there might be a chance the Mama squirrel would take them back even though their nest had been destroyed (but not by the chihuahua!) 


On Saturday, once the babies were warm & dry attempts were made to get the Mama squirrel to take the babies back. The attempt was actually strapping the little nest the Husband made out of a clementine box high in a tree near the old nest. Unfortunately, the Mama had moved on.

The Husband is playing nursemaid to a pair of baby squirrels

On Sunday the Husband announced that they had names. Now you can meet Tauny (the girl)


and Ray (the boy)

Ray (it's a boy) enjoys a little lunch Day 4 #squirrelbabies

Here's a few more cute pics because who doesn't want to see pictures of cute baby animals.

And this too #babysquirrel

And this #babysquirrel

Baby Squirrels, day 2: this

We will be squirrel parents for the next 2-1/2 months slowly transitioning them for their life in the wild. I don't really know the details of what that will be. I think the Husband doesn't want to freak me out all at once! Wish us luck!


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  1. I'm kind of terrified, but I'm kind of in love, too. They're so cute!


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