Monday, February 27, 2012

I have it bad for bowls

Okay, I've fallen off the blog wagon a bit (or more than a little bit!). Life has taken over a little but this is my attempt to get back to business!

So I have a problem with bowls...white ones specifically. I've (mostly) been able reign it in over the last few years because the Reslus Arms is short on space and the Husband always gives me the look when I bring new ones home. I've been very good until last week when I couldn't resist these porcelain lovelies from Target.


The Husband's criteria for bowls are that they be wide and not so deep.


Check! And though I don't think he loves the textured detail of the beading, it's what had me saying Hello.


It's surprising how some little thing like cereal bowls can make me so happy (eh, not really)


It's definitely making me happy today.


  1. I know, what is it about bowls that gets us all excited?! I'm the same way with bowls and dessert plates :)

  2. For me it's jugs - beautiful & practical

  3. Those are cool bowls. I also like the texture on the outside. Good for gripping too! ;)

    We need to get some new bowls. We got some bowls for our wedding almost 4 years ago (from target). 4 bowls. One broke. We were able to replace it because Target still had some. Then another one broke. We weren't able to replace that one because Target doesn't have anymore of them (and I looked at 4 different targets!). So maybe it's time to get another 4 bowls, so we don't have the random odd number 3 ;)



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